High Falls Trail, Glenville, NC

When you arrive at the trailhead, you park in a gravel lot and begin on a seemingly easy trail. This trail quickly turns into a moderate hike with a lot of challenging down hill "steps"(I put steps in quotations because its more like a bunch of old carefully placed logs & stones that are easy to slip/trip on if not extra cautious). The trail is 3.7 miles round trip rewarded by the impressive waterfall at the end (seen in the fourth picture below). The hike back is most definitely a cardio workout, climbing back up those challenging steps. There was not much wildlife to photograph, excluding the dead fish below the waterfall presumably from the dam release a few days prior. At the beginning of the trail there were some pretty wild flowers worth noting for photographers(especially when hit by the evening golden hour). The final photographic feature of course was the waterfall. Overall I would give this trail 4.5/5.0 just because of the steps. I would definitely do this trail again & recommend it to other hikers out there!

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